Windows XP/ OS 10.6 + Support

If you don’t make at least 1 release for these versions of Windows and Mac, I can’t take your mission seriously.

Snow Leopard and XP haven’t received any updates since 2014, you’re exposing yourself to major security/privacy issues by using either of these

Come on man, compile it. At least make it an option. You literally can’t surf the web anymore on IE8 and OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion Safari. You can’t access the App Store because 2FA wasn’t a thing. People need you. Especially in other countries, it’s such a elitist idea that people stay up on windows and OSX, I had an experience recently where OSX could not be upgraded because the internet didn’t work and App Store didn’t work. Old and poor people don’t know what to do man. These computers work best on the Operating System that was designed for them. Heck compile a Windows 9x version while you are at it, let’s turn this diseased culture on its head. It’s not your job to sell hardware or copy’s of windows, it’s your job to grow your base. Google knows this, they offer old chrome for XP. They got that 5% of the worlds computers wrapped around their finger. All these people you can send your Brave ads to.


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