Windows taskbar functionality, including jump lists and tab thumbnails



Brave lacks obvious jump list items, like “New window” and “New private window”, perhaps “New TOR window”, etc. Seems like an easy win.

I’d also like to see an option to enable taskbar thumbnails for individual tabs as opposed to only windows. Edge had this option, but it seems to have been removed recently for some reason.


Hi @PuddingtonBeer,

We have an issue logged for #1. But it’s likely will come to or after Brave 1.0.

Logged issue for 1.0

cc @rossmoody for your #2 request. :slightly_smiling_face:


@PuddingtonBeer - Good feedback here. #2 in particular is something I will log for the product team usability possibilities. Thank you for the heads up. As an OSX user, this type of nuanced feedback really helps.


Ok, some unrelated but nuanced feedback: Edge has a handy “clone tab” shortcut, Ctrl + K, that I would love to be standardised. I can’t be the only one who clones tabs frequently to do parallel searches on sites.