[Windows] Strategic improvements for Brave


First of all, I congratulate you on your work, which is of high quality.

When I used Brave on Windows, I realized that some things could be improved:

  • Login with another account (as on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox)
    This function is really essential because in corporate IT services, we have a normal user account and an administrator account. And in an environment where Single Sign-On is deployed (especially with Office 365) the authentication of the normal user account is forced and it is strictly impossible to connect with the administrator account. I have tried by all means “Logout” or “Forget this account” impossible to log in with my administrator account. I am obliged to use another browser to perform an action. For example on other browsers:
    On Google Chrome, by pressing “Shift” you can choose to run the browser with another account.
    On Mozilla Firefox, in private browsing, by logging out of the current account, it is possible to change accounts.

  • Improve Favorites/Passwords synchronization
    I think we should be inspired by Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox because for the moment the end user is confused.

  • Slightly increase the size of the icons and font.
    This would be more comfortable for the end user.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


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