Windows password not working

Trying to manage passwords. Cannot get past windows password page. How do I find “Forgot my password”?

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I have the same problem I think, need to reveal webpage passwords and the popup security prompt isn’t recognising my Windows password. Have checked my password for that and it is fine… Would be great to get some help on this.

Hello @fallonwm, thank you for reaching us out. If you have forgotten your windows password or you do not find this option, this article can be helpful to you:


Hi, thanks for the response, for me it is a case of Brave not recognising my Windows password when it prompts. I have double checked over and over and it just isn’t accepting the password, even when I know for sure it is correct.

@Thig, can you try clearing your cache and cookies to see if that fixes your issue? For more information, please read:

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