Windows - How to get rid of new Brave pop-up ads?

Tiny pop-up ads started appearing in my Windows 10 Brave sessions yesterday. Why and how to I get rid of them?

Here is a sample: image

No web site. These ads pop up everywhere.

The issue presents with default Shields settings. I changed Shields to Aggressive but then my usual web sites failed to appear (e.g. Facebook) so I changed back Standard.

Brave version 1.30.89 Chromium: 94.0.4606.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Disable rewards brave://rewards/

Thank you very much. That did it. Replies must be 20 characters or more.

Uninstall Brave Browser for many users !!! ???

Same here !!! What is happening here ??? FORCED AD POOP UP TAB???

Id love to see my ads only in interrupted way. In Windows 10 Notification panel only. I always make sure i click on all ads and open them if i want to - usually - yes i open them all constantly.

But definitely id like to see the not forced choice/ option like it was before.
Not like new one poop up ads where i usually click on new Tab to open bookmarks as i have hidden bookmarks to show me more screen on my 15" Laptop. ;//

Id like to have options like before.
As same on Android i like new feature with verified my PC account and synchronized it with wallet.
But Poop ups in New tab panel on Windows 10 are bit too much GUYS !!! especially for someone who is opening new tab to open bookmarks :(:frowning:

What? A user wanted to disable Reward ads, not uninstall the Brave.

Implementing adds which mark ups navigation’s buttons Top right panel excuse me @fanboynz Ryan you not reading and not looking at my post. Instead you just replied random replay out of the box, when I have had clearly explained the issue with providing screen shot plus marked up how this new meaningless Forced Feature is affecting whole experience of using Brave Browser. I`m urging you to report this issue higher up as its so valuable to all Brave users who are not happy of this new “forced feature” as i can see by the posts and pictures are posted related to this issue recently. Profit of the company because of bad leadership perhaps new owners or financial sources its not gonna work well with all People who trusted the way how this Browser looks like and works like. The idea of poop up AD its not proposed by members of this apparently open source Browser. Im so unhappy of what i see. It feels like now being user of bank account who is going to be changing Terms and Conditions every quarter ? or Every month probably soon as why not because people have to got PC and Smartphone. Post Box is going to be forbidden.

With sincerely Robert

It wasn`t like that before recent updates this is new implemented AD whch is interrupting whole experience of browsing like on normal web browser. !!! this is huge step back. This looks like complete forced advertisement freeware demo. :frowning:

No need for excitement. I replied to your original thread.

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You can fix the ads by going into Bat settings and turning off brave ads this has worked for me so far

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Because its real solution here man :slight_smile:

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