Windows brave browser ad reward not recive

It’s been 4-5 hours since I installed Brave Browser in Windows but I am still not getting the reward even after clicking on AD.

Hey @sanjay90 go to brave://rewards and there under Brave Private ads check if it is turned on if it is turned on click the setting button which is right next to the on/off button and set Maximum number of ads displayed to 10 ads per hour.
Thank you
Have a good day brother

All the settings are the same as you are telling but still nothing is getting you check again


You get rewards in Brave in 2 ways; You click nothing!

  • Watch only sponsored images. You will find this in the default page. Refresh page and check brave rewards. There are 4 ads per hour worth 0.01 or 0.005.

  • By watching notifications from the sponsors. Notifications are all related to crypocurrency and they appear at the bottom right. They are based on your browsing habits and also reading the news in the default page.

Read this


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