(Windows) Brave automatically opens all sites in bookmark folder in group whenever bookmark folder is left-clicked on

Brave automatically opens all sites in the bookmark folder in group whenever the bookmark folder is left-clicked on. If the folder contains many sites bookmarked, open all of them in a time lead Brave to crash.

I love the way the bookmark folder was redesigned visually, really. But it’s supposed to function well.

**Brave Version 1.31.87

Problem solved, check it out (Easy crash on 1.31.87)

Thanks for linking to the other post. I was just coming back here to ask you if you had that enabled. :slight_smile: When I dealt with the other issue I didn’t even notice that it was opening all those bookmarks up in tabs, probably because I had so many tabs open already it just blended in.

But interestingly yes, these two issues appear to be related! This is a strange one.

So I can’t seem to reproduce this issue but it does sound concerning. Can you tell me if you have any extensions installed at this time? Additionally, are you on Windows 10 or 11 (or other)?

Also, if possible, a short recording of the behavior would be really good to have for when I forward the info to the dev team.

Here’s a recording that shows both behaviors, both stemming from having the ‘Tab Groups Save’ flag set to Enable.

At first I just mouse over the ‘Shopping list’ folder on the Bookmarks Bar, but you can see it’s malformed with a red backfill instead of just having the folder icon.

(The other bookmarks I have on the Bar are just to occupy enough space to make the ‘>>’ button appear.)

With each click of that folder/button, it opens a tab for each bookmark it contains (it has 2). This is repeated.

Then, I show what happens when you click the ‘>>’ button, Brave crashes out.

I wonder if the Tab Groups Save feature ties into Bookmarks somehow to retain the Group across sessions, but I don’t know enough about it at this point.


This was all done in a Test profile. It does have some extensions installed but I disabled all of them before this test; and this is repeatable in my main personal profile, as well as on 2 different Windows systems at work (granted, they are both on a sync chain together).

All of my instances have been on Win10.

@Mattches , just making sure you saw the above recording of the issue. Thx!

@JimB1 @hienpham0618,
Okay I do apologize but I misunderstood the issue. This appears to be an issue related directly to the experimental Chromium Tab groups save feature. I was able to reproduce this in both Brave and Chrome, but I have a few notes here:

  • Interestingly enough, I actually cannot get a new tab group to appear on the bookmarks bar at all. When I toggle the Save tab group option “on” in any group, it toggles just fine, but will not appear on the bookmarks bar or anywhere that I can see. However, with the experimental flag enabled, I do see that any sub-folder of bookmarks on my bookmarks bar now appears as a “group”. It appears and behaves exactly the same way as in @JimB1’s example.
    • I would note however that I think the expected behavior for these tab groups is correct – if you click on the group (on the bookmarks bar) it opens all tabs within that group, which makes sense to me (you’re opening that whole tab group). If you right-click on the group, you are able to select individual tabs from that group to open.
  • I also tested this in Chrome and got the exact same behavior. Using the Save tab group toggle did not add the group to the bookmark bar (or anywhere), pre-saved folders of bookmarks now appear as groups, clicking on them opens all tabs within them and clicking on the Other bookmarks option on the bar crashes the browser.

While it is unfortunate, there is not much we can do about this here. This is an upstream Chromium issue that needs to be sorted out rather than an issue with Brave. Given the wonkyness of the behavior I would actually recommend not using this feature and sticking with bookmark “sub-folders” on the bar if you’re looking for quick access to a group of related tabs. At least until the feature is working properly.

Please let me know if this makes sense or if you have any additional questions.

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