Windows 11 crashes and restarts randomly only while using twitter on brave

When I open twitter website on brave, randomly, once in every 3-4 days, everything crashes and windows is restarted automatically after that. It happens only when I’m using twitter on brave. Recently the frequency with which it’s happening is increasing.
I’m using Windows 11. Both windows and brave browser are updated to the latest versions.
Automatically sending crash reports to brave is already turned on my browser. But I can’t see any crash report ID to paste it here.

brave://crashes to open the crash menu.

Assuming you see things listed there, make sure you check the box on the top right that says Show developer details.

Then on the crash items you saw below, Submit if you need to, then you’ll be able to see a Crash Report ID or something along those lines. (you may need to click on it to expand it a bit to see it)

Thanks. Found it and already reported. Do I need to paste it here to get better help?
I’ve got crash report ID and Local Crash Context.

Submitting crash reports gives info to teams for whenever they get to it.

Support tickets guarantees individualized support. Usually is best method if you need to speak to someone from Brave.

Posting here would just be if someone is working with you on it, such as Mattches.

When posting here on Brave Community, it never hurts to share ticket numbers or crash report ID. Sometimes it saves effort and when topics/posts are seen, they can use the info to pull up tickets or help toward solutions.

ok. got it.
Crash Report ID: 2c730600-961f-d808-0000-000000000000
Also, here’s the link of the issue on github that I created.

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