Windows 10 - turn off suggestions

When loading Brave in Windows 10, a suggestion is displayed in the lower right portion of the screen. They look to be intentional and helpful such as, for example, if I wanted to know more about coffee, etc… The follow up action, I believe, is to click on the suggestion which would lead a person to use Brave for various random searches.

I wish to turn these notifications off. But they appear to be a built-in as-intended function of the Brave browser. Can a user suppress these random messages? If not, when they become more irritating for me, I tend to use Edge alongside or instead of Brave.

Brave Version 0.68.131 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

It looks like you might be talking about Brave ads—they pop up through Windows notifications. If you want to turn them off you can go to brave://rewards/ and turn ads off. However, clicking on these is what gets you BAT.

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@AustinWiseguy It has taken me a few days to figure it out, but those notifications are the advertisements that earn you BAT just like Mason said.

More information on Brave’s privacy preserving ads can be found here:

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