Windows 10: no network access


I just installed Brave on Windows 10 and it can’t access any webpages - “ERR_ACCESS_DENIED”. I use the Glasswire “Ask to Connect” firewall, so this sort of issue isn’t unusual for me, but it’s always fixed by changing blocking settings in Glasswire or, if all else fails, disabling Glasswire’s firewall entirely. In the case of Brave, nothing I do in Glasswire will allow access the network, which has me suspecting that this is not a Glasswire problem. Is there anything else I can try?

Permission to access the network was denied. This is used to distinguish errors that were most likely caused by a firewall from other access denied errors. See also ERR_ACCESS_DENIED.


I’m still not sure of the cause, but after a few reboots I was able to get Brave working!

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