Windows 10, cannot set Brave as default

I’m having the same issue setting Brave as my default browser as had been mentioned in earlier threads; and resolved with an update to Brave. Seems it’s happening again.

I have run a Winver in the run box, and this was the result.


Any ideas?

p.s. I love this browser. =)

Not sure if the following will help but it may. I’ve been running Brave on and off since 6 months ago and recently installed the Dev version and then the Beta version when it became available. A couple days ago we started having problems with the Beta version not wanting to update–fixed now. I went ahead and found that installing Brave now is the one that uses the Chromium look. After that, an app that I was using started opening the old version of Brave when I clicked on a link there–even though I had Brave set as my default browser.

I ran a search about the issue and someone suggested switching the default browser to Microsoft Edge (temporarily) and then back to Brave. Not sure if it worked for me that time or after I was careful to uninstall the original version of Brave–leaving both the Beta and the newest versions on the computer.

Anyway, try switching the default browser to Microsoft Edge (or something else) and then back to Brave. Hope this helps.

I might be having the same issue: I installed the new Chromium-based (stable) version of Brave from the website, and uninstalled the old version. Now, when i try to set Brave as the default browser, nothing happens when clicking links in other applications.

EDIT: Looks like when I went to “set defaults by app”, there are still two Braves listed, even though I only have one version of Brave Browser installed. Both options are bound to the same protocols.

Can anyone from Brave help out with this one? I checked on github, It doesn’t seem like there is an issue for this. (There is a similar problem on Linux, but nothing for Windows 10)

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