Windows 10, Brave V. 1.5.123 (64-bit). Rewards previously working, now not working and BAT is gone

Hi, please can somebody help with the following problem.

Notifications are enabled working through the advice offered in these forums and then testing using
I don’t yet have an uphold account, so this only concerns rewards earned in my browser.

For several months I’ve been very impressed with Brave, using it in both Windows 10 and on Android. Suddenly, I stopped receiving Brave rewards and discovered it was because I had v.1.2.x. I updated both browsers, and this fixed the fault with Android. However, Windows 10 wouldn’t allow me to claim my pending rewards, so I couldn’t update these to my total earned rewards.

Around this time my BAT also reduced from 52 to 46, but I see on these forums that this might be caused by the ‘negative balance’ issue, so I’m not concerned with this issue. I don’t yet have auto-contribute enabled.

During this period, my main problem was that the claim button had been unavailable for a couple of months, so I now had 2 months of rewards (23 BAT) waiting to be claimed to add to my now total of around 46 BAT.

I tried restoring my wallet and reinstalling Brave, but neither of these solutions helped. I then lost my pending 23 BAT, but I still had the 46 BAT that I’d claimed since installing Brave.

I then earned another 6.8 BAT pending to be claimed using a Windows 7 PC synced to the same wallet. These 6.8 were reflected on my Windows 10 system, but had replaced the 23 BAT previously waiting to be claimed.

I finally reinstalled Windows from a clean, up-to-date back up image, reinstalled Brave from fresh. and restored my wallet. Now my claimed rewards are gone, showing as 0. I now only have the 6.8 pending rewards synced from my Windows 7 laptop. My ad notifications have also stopped working in Windows 10 despite being tested as mentioned above.

When I look at chrome://rewards-internals in Windows 10 Brave, my Wallet ID is the same one I started with. However, my User ID and Persona ID are different to the ones I originally had.

My Windows 7 laptop and Windows 10 have the same wallet ID, but they both have different User ID and Persona ID, despite both being restored using the same backup phrase.

My wife and daughter both use Brave on their mobiles and have no issues. It’s only the desktop version that has problems. I feel it has something to with the the multiple User IDs and Persona IDs, but I could be wrong.

Is it possible this is causing my rewards to go missing?

Thanks for your time.


Those old rewards were likely Brave-issued UGP grants. Those grants can’t be backed up via referral code, which is why they disappeared when you restored your old balance.

These things tend to settle themselves around payout time – let us know how the May payout goes for you.

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I’m almost certain my lost BAT is nothing to with grants as I’ve always received BAT from ads. I’ve received hundreds of ad notifications since using Brave, and the number coincided with the rewards I’ve earnt, In addition, the BAT Creator Grant Guidelines page mentions that I need to produce content to receive grants, which I’ve never done.

This is the third month I’ve had problems now, which is why I took the drastic measure of reinstalling Windows and then reinstalling Brave and restoring my wallet.

I’ll take your advice and wait until 6th May to see if it fixes itself.

Thanks for your reply.

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