Windows 10 Brave default browser won't work

Once set as the default browser, as I click links from Telegram or other programs, Brave won’t simply open… Anyone can help me?

Hi, what operating system are you using?

Under Windows 10, if you have it, again to make sure:
Right-click on the Windows logo in the bottom left corner -> Settings
Navigate to “Apps”, on the left side click on “Standard Apps”

At the bottom of Webbrowser you press on the currently used one, and choose Brave from the list

There were still problems with the old version of the browser known as “Muon” during this process. If you have both the latest and the old version installed on your computer, I think 2 times Brave icons will be displayed in the list. To be on the safe side, I would then part with the old version :slight_smile:

Translated with

Windows 10 with the latest version of Brave.


Solved, I simply uninstall and reinstall it… close this topic

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