Window Startup Position



Feedback/Request Windows 7 Brave 0.14.1

If you close Brave with window maximized on open it opens in the "restored down mode with top/left in negative values. Since top/left is off screen it makes it hard to change the size (bottom/right is still on the screen, so it is possible.)

Suggest that when Brave is reload from a maximized state that the browser fit in the client area with a reasonable/equal margin on all sides.

Also - Brave doesn’t detect when the desktop resolution changes. This is common if you use Remote Desktop at one resolution and local desktop at another resolution. Suggest adding an option that restores to the client area, minus a margin, if any corner is off screen.


@BobH_SLO window position and size has been driving a few people nuts. You’ll be happy to know it’s on the near-roadmap here :


To add to BobH_SLO’s suggestion, it would be great if the browser started on the same screen as where it was closed. It always opens on my primary monitor, but I prefer it on my secondary screen. Every time I launch the browser I need to drag it to my other screen. Not all that daunting but something that I wish I didn’t have to do 20 times a day.