Window size Resets itself and hard to resize compare to other browsers


While other browser resize easily, “Brave” does not.

Description on Window size Reset Includes Reproduce steps

Step 1
When Start up it starts at the smallest (Default??) window size

Step 2
Then Resize it to bigger window size after that " win key + d " to show desktop

Step 3
When going to “brave” again it resets the window size back to the size in first link in step one.

Why does it not keep window size like every other browser, big down.

Brave Version

Just downloaded today first try.


I think you need to manually resize the window to desired height when you click the restore button. Looks like the resize is done to the smallest possible size hence when you click on restore button it resizes to the smallest possible size.


The thing is when I click on the top right button of the browser
( the minus button before the X ) to minimize the browser,
browser itself do not keep the height hence it only kept the width / length
which is the problem I don’t understand why it happens this way.

Even the restore button on the top right of browser don’t keep height or width data.
While other browser does not reset to initial installed default size,
but restore to modified size.

Can this be fix or improved??

can the download bar bottom of the browser show download speed too???
Will be saving time to not open a new tab to just find that stuff out.

Really like this forum nice and fluid even though browser has more things can be done for.


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