Window restoration

Currently running the latest version of Brave and I need help restoring a window that I lost. I essentially closed it and created a new one and began using the new one for a couple hours, when trying to get back my old window with many tabs that I needed I couldn’t find it in the history tab that allows me to restore it. Please tell me there is a way I can retrieve it. Using the ctrl shift T command didn’t work. Why on Earth isn’t there a window history just like there is a tab history?! I also noticed that on YouTube I’m always forced to use 1080p (momentarily pauses the video and defaults to 1080p when trying to change it) and can’t change the video quality which doesn’t happen on the YouTube app or any other browser. Help is much needed especially for the first issue, thank you in advance.

You might wanna take a look at this issue:

I’ve tried this but unfortunately it stops at a certain amount of inputs.

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