Window refreshes instead of scrolling

My brave browser on Android is acting up. It’s updated, and I restarted my phone. I’ve got a pixel XL, which is also updated, with Android 9.

Almost every time I open a new page, if I scroll down, the first time I try to scroll up, the browser wants to refresh. This happened a moment ago while looking in the brave forum. It happens on about 90 percent of the web sites I have visited, but that’s a guess since I wasn’t counting.

Steps to reproduce…
Click link to open a page.
Swipe up to Scroll down.
Swipe down to scroll up… Immediately, the refresh symbol shows up, and if you aren’t careful, it refreshes.
It does not present the behavior when scrolling up on subsequent swipe downs. (Unless at the top, where I’m accustomed to it refreshing)

Maybe this is a new “feature,” but I’m not certain… But I do find it a nuisance.


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