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Brave opens off screen. Shift + right click does not give the expected winow options (restore, move etc). When I mouse over the taskbar icon is says there is an error, also same if I try to alt tab. I have tried right click desktop then cascade windows. Tried to reinstall.running on windows 10


I had the same problem, and none of my typical methods for moving a lost (off-screen) window worked. I probably tried 3 or 4 other methods before stumbling on this one that worked for me. I’m using Windows 7, but I bet it works for you too.

  • First, click on Brave on the task bar to ensure it is the active window.
  • Then, hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and then press the right arrow several times. It may take 5-6 times for it to work depending on where exactly the window is located.


Thanks for the quick response but that did not help.


Try this:

  • First, click on Brave on the task bar to ensure it is the active window (as per jjo’s first step).
  • Alt + Space (this accesses the window controls menu on the top-left corner)
  • Down arrow (the options are Restore, Move, Size, Minimize, Maximize, Close with Restore selected so Down arrow selects the second option Move.)
  • Enter (you are now moving the window with your arrow keys)
  • Left, Right, Up, Down (have a guess at where the window might be relative to the screen and experiment with the arrow keys until you see the window or you want to give up)
  • Enter (gets you out of window moving.)

I’d recommend that you open a simple window which appears in a visible part of the screen to first confirm that the steps above work for you as expected. Then have a go at trying to find the Brave window.


That did it. thanks much

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