Window for Brave lost visibility when changing monitors

I have 2 locations for my Win10 laptop, and each location has a 2nd monitor. In one location, the monitor has a large 4X screen, and the other has a smaller, 1600x900 screen.

When I left the location with the Brave displayed full-screen on the large screen, I merely unplugged the DVI cable and put my computer to sleep.

When I reconnected the DVI cable to the small screen at the other location, I could not find the Brave window.

I stopped Brave and restarted it, and used the Task Manager to end its process, but cannot regain the use of the browser.

I imagine it will re-appear when I go back to the big screen, but maybe not.

Is there something I can do in the meantime?

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Are you using the live release of Brave or the Developer Build?

I don’t know if it’s developer.

But, when I went back to the big screen, I got the window back., so I moved it to the laptop native screen before I switched back to the little screen and it’s ok.

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If that happens again, try right-clicking the taskbar and choose to “Cascade” the windows or “Display Windows Stacked” - this usually snaps all running applications to the main screen regardless of their current location.

I will certainly try to remember that. I used to cascade all the time in Windows 3.1. Thanks.

No problem!
Did it work?

Unfortunately, it did not restore by Cascading or Stacking. It did not restore by rebooting.

It did restore by selecting the icon and typing [WinKey-space-M] which supposedly means “bring back all windows.”

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Excellent! Sorry for the inconvenience but I’m glad you were able to find a solution. I have marked it as such for anyone else experiencing the same issue. Thank you for reporting!