WIN64 (laptop v0.19.95) General Feedback & Minor Issues



Was fed up with IE & FF, so tried Brave for Windows (x64) for the first time and had some general feedback about some usability issues I’ve encountered.

UI: Not very pretty, but looks clean enough. Would really prefer a slightly darker theme (or Aero) as an option and tabs-on-top. Do not like the bookmarks toolbar, which wastes even more valuable screen space in that area - would prefer a button (maybe beside the star) for a bookmark panel. Even after removing the bookmark toolbar and changing UI scale to “smaller”, it still seems that there’s a lot of wasted space up there.

Dashboard (new tab): Looks very nice, but doesn’t work very well at all yet. There should be an easy way to add and pin any site to that area, but no matter how many times I visit, I cannot get it to show there at all. Removing sites from that same list doesn’t always work either. Also, that list only shows 6 entries, though there’s more than enough room to fit well over 20 icons. Clock is nice, but having the day & date smaller below that would also be helpful. Cycling background picture is also nice, but think it would be nicer to be able to set a static background (either user’s choice or from one that was automatically chosen). Having a “Dashboard” specific section in settings, where users could configure the time/day/date, background photo options, and number of icons showing would be good. Later on, an option for showing local weather (by zip code) in that area would also be nice.

Tab Previews: Miss how FF shows the multiple open tab previews when hovering over the icon in the taskbar, and conversely, the Brave hover-over-tab previews are both nice and at times, slightly annoying.

Other than those areas, using Brave for Windows has mostly been fast and enjoyable, but still rather rough around the edges (the Android version is quite nice and polished just as it is now). No response or technical support is needed for this post, but I’d appreciate it if this was read by someone in the development team. Thanks and good luck!


Hi @AFD,
Thanks for using Brave and for the feedback :lion:

We have request for dark theme logged.

Also logged.

This one logged here

And this one is here

Logged here

I hope I’m not missed anything :smiley:


Thanks Eljuno, really appreciate you taking the time to do that!


Found a few more minor issues (think the first four are bugs, and the remaining ones are just design choices)…

Tabs (pinned): Drag-and-drop to rearrange pinned tabs does not always work properly (though sometimes it does). The most recently pinned tab that gets positioned at the very left of the other pinned tabs seems impossible to move, though if I unpin it, I can then move the next left-most pinned tab that takes its place. The behavior isn’t consistent and doesn’t make any sense to me.

Tabs (closing): When closing a tab, the next tab that is shown seems random. Think FF just shows the next tab to the right, which at least seems predictable. Brave sometimes shows the next tab to the left, and sometimes jumps over multiple tabs to the right. Really not sure what it’s doing, and find myself accidentally closing tabs because of that.

Tabs (text): Sites that show dynamic text in a tab’s title do not update unless the tab is selected and made active, or hovered over (ie, “MEGA 50%” and Twitter not alerting for new posts).

UI: After waking monitor, many times most elements of the Brave UI are completely missing (the actual webpage remains in tact, along with the scroll bar, but the URL bar, tabs and pretty much everything else is gone - either blank, or showing the desktop behind it - often both). Hovering the mouse over this upper area of the interface causes the browser to properly redraw all the missing parts.

Downloads Bar: Takes up too much space and should show the actual speed of each download (and have an option to auto-clear completed downloads). The FF add-on “Download Status Bar” is an absolutely perfect example of this functionality.

Context Menu (right-click): Instead of right-clicking on a picture to select view (to view that picture in the same tab), users must right-click on the image and select “open image in new tab”. Both serve the same function, but Brave’s implementation requires additional effort. Also, “select all” is missing from this menu, and “copy” is sometimes near the top and sometimes near the bottom (been using control-a/c instead, but many people aren’t familiar with these).

Shields: Would be nice to have a whitelist, maybe somewhere in settings/advanced. Some sites I prefer that Brave remembers that I want scripts allowed all the time, but others I would prefer to manually allow scripts only when needed (have been used to using NoScript for a long time).

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