Win10 outside links do not open but will in Chrome

On Windows 10 after last update Brave will not open outside links, if I set default browser to Chrome they open in Chrome, reset to Brave nothing happens at all. Any help is appreciated

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Open the link brave://settings/ then check if Brave Browser is set as default as in the image.

I would also check the Default apps by file type screen and ensure that the .html./.htm file types are set to open in Brave.

Yep, looks like it is, no choice given

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Seems like that is set ?

Yes it is your default browser.

Open windows settings.
In search, type default apps.
change htm, html, shtml, http, https, to open by Brave.

Ok, that seems set also, still nothing happens. Want to mention I appreciate your guys help!

Where are you clicking the links from that open in Chrome but not in Brave?


Give more info.
Are the links on your desktop? The look of the icon of the link, is it white colored?

Mostly the links are in emails from Thunderbird, but none work unless chrome is the default. Worked until 2 Brave updates ago…

Do you see this behavior when clicking links in any other apps other than Thunderbird? Or is it only in Thunderbird that links won’t open in Brave?

No links in ay apps will open in Brave, been trying different things but they only open if I change default to Chrome

So if you were to say write and save a link in a MS word document, then click to open it, it would not open in Brave?

No, I’ve tried from Documents and PDF’s no go…sigh

I’m asking some team members about this issue as it appears you have everything set correctly. Hope to have more information for you soon.

Appreciate your patience.

I appreciate your help…

Ok, had to do a restart on the PC and now it works…hmmm

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