Win10: Crash when signing into Google on YouTube with Brave Shields up


Description of the Issue
Brave Beta 0.55.12 crashes when attempting to sign into Google on YouTube page, when Brave Shields are up. Crash does not occur when Brave Shields off.

Steps to Reproduce the Issue

  1. Visit a YouTube video page when signed out of Google services
  2. Make sure Brave Shields are on for the site
  3. Click SIGN IN option in upper right corner of YouTube page

Actual Result
Crash, no error.

Expected Result
Accepting that Brave Shields will probably cause a Google sign-in to fail with its own errors, the browser shouldn’t crash.

Once the Brave Shields are disabled, the Sign In works as expected and no browser crash occurs.

Reproduces how frequently?
Every time.

Operating System
Windows 10 - version 1809

Brave Crashing VERY often

Hi @axe88,

Thanks for reaching out to us! We’re aware of the crashes. They seem to be particularly egregious when Google and other high-memory tabs are opened. I addressed recently another user reporting this on Reddit:


Brilliant, thank you for the reply

Note that I actually have no problem running YouTube on brave beta - Works well. It was just the google Sign In action with shields up that triggered it. With shields down it worked fine.