Win 10 volume pop up

Hello, I think my browser just updated to the latest version and it would be okay if I couldn’t clearly see this. I have volume control binded to buttons on my mouse and I’m pretty often adjusting the volume ‘just a bit’ but now every time I’m doing this I can see a big windows 10 pop up wchich takes nearly 25% of my 27" monitor for a few seconds. Is there a way to disable this or to roll back to previous version without uninstalling browser and loosing data? Currently I’m using “HideVolumeOSD” from github but it hides volume slider too. This pop up from browser blocks other apps from using it too (spotify for example)

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This may be related to hardware key bindings in the browser – please try the following:

  1. Launch Brave, type brave://flags into the address bar
  2. Search for a flag labeled #hardware-media-key-handling and disable it
  3. Relaunch the browser when prompted and try adjusting the volume as you did before.

Let me know the results.


It worked, thank you!


My pleasure! If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to create a new topic.
Enjoy your privacy!

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