Will we recieve the full payment we are due this month?

I know there have been issues with ads settling. Has this been fixed? Any updates?


@Chocoholic User Solutions info will probably post the answer, when there is an answer . . .

Follow this up.
From what I understand, they fixed the source of the trouble but they are unsure if the accumulated balance will be received.

Don’t worry, your balances would be fine.

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@289wk I am actually following the post by @Aman_M (the same one @rodrige linked in his post). I linked Aman’s post in FYI under the Brave Ads Payout status section in User Solutions: Brave Release 1.40.x.

Has anyone found a Brave GitHub issue report on this? I would put a link to that too but haven’t been able to find one…

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I don’t think there is a GitHub issue for this. It’s just based on my empirical observation.

Love it! I hope I run across some reason to say that one day! Maybe I can just use it randomly… empirical observation… naw, doesn’t work or have the same weight. :laughing:

I see a lot of GitHub issue reports/pulls/merges where Brave dev is working on the ads/Rewards and they are all probably related but none of them come right out and say it. Lots of log files and mentions… you been lurking there a lot lately? :wink:

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Lol. I only track a few specific issues. In general, I occasionally just see through issues under tags of my interest.

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Number from before reset. refreshed before but picture taken after without refreshing page

Taken after reset and refreshed page.

The 14.890 Bat reseted to 0.080
So the roll over seems fixed, but that 4.581 bat kinda worries me. Have to see when the estimate and then the actual payment shows up since it doesnt show anymore after I refreshed the page.

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So they actually might be zeroing out ad earnings to “fix” the rollover earning? That’s really going to PO a lot of people. Let’s hope that’s not the case.

EDIT: It no longer shows you have bat arriving in x days?

Nope. It was there when I left the tab open until after reset. But then when I actually refreshed page it was gone. It will be back in due time.
I had like 4 bat or so only as roll over into June as well. So I made like 10 bat in June.

Quick update to my post above

It looks good.

So yeah, last two months i had around 50% BAT transfer and now i will receive 0.21 BAT.

Seriously?.. This is getting frustrating… Gonna check my wife’s phone for her earnings.


So from my wife the transfer is better, but still over 1 BAT will be rolled over to July…

I’d love to get support, but last two months i either got an automatic reply when creating a ticket or a template answer where they are going to fix it…

Well, on my PC it went flawlessly. But on my Android it didn’t.

Can’t wait for another round of nothing burger from the devs regarding this issue :man_shrugging:t2:

That’s a lot of BATs to get rolled-over. And browser didn’t get much time to process and reconcile them last month but it will have plenty of time to do so this month. Hopefully you won’t have to see them like this, next month. A word from Brave is surely needed though.

If your estimated earnings are drastically different from your payout for the month is reporting, please see the following thread for next steps regarding this issue:

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