Will we ever get a open bookmark list icon?


After every update im looking at the space next to the reload page (F5) icon and house (home) icon and im hoping a bookmark icon will pop up there. A button we can click and get up an overlayed bookmarks list, like all other browsers have. Instead of having to clutter the top with bookmarks or having to go the menus and open a whole new window like we do now where you organize bookmarks/open them. This is the last thing that make Brave feel a little unprofessional. To clutter the top with bookmarks or having to go to menus to find them feel “old”. A small icon next to the reload icon that brings up all the bookmarks in a overlayed bookmarks list to just click on the bookmark you want to go to would make Brave look complete. You can click and save a bookmark with the bookmark icon inside the address bar, but you forgot to add a “open bookmarks” icon. Could be another star next to the reload page icon.

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