Will the Philippines be reconnected to Brave Rewards?

@SamuelDan in terms of connecting to Uphold, that is looking to be unlikely. It had been mentioned that perhaps Philippines could have the option in the future via ZebPay or something, but that is uncertain and a long ways off.

The secondary possibility, as there should be no regional restrictions overall, is going to be on chain payments. Brave is running some trials now with a small group of people and will be randomly sending invitations to people participating in Rewards. On chain would be allowing you to receive payments to any wallet you want, whether it be Brave Wallet or some other location. And in this, no KYC/AML is required or anything.

The goal is to have on chain payments fully done this year, with the earliest possibility being that it will go live for everyone by the middle of this year, but we don’t know what will happen yet.

You can see more on that and links to official articles over at PSA: Current and upcoming changes to Rewards and Creators