Will the brave search engine be open source?

Hi, I recently discovered the brave search engine and decided to research and see if the source code was available, as it is for the browser. I looked on the Brave Github page, and there does not seem to be the code for the brave search engine. Will, in the future, the source code for the brave search engine be available?

Here’s the detailed answer from the Product Director on Brave Search:

Search is a very sensitive utility that many actors have incentives to game. Opening it up is something that needs to be done with great care. We have plans to provide an open and collaborative system by which a community, or a single user, can create sets of rules and filters, called Goggles, to define the space which a search engine can pull results from. Instead of a single ranking algorithm, we could have as many as needed, overcoming the biases that a single actor (the search engine) embeds into the results. Transparency and openness, all desirable qualities, will become accessible through the deep reranking capabilities Goggles would enable.

Makes sense, Brave is a business, not a non profit, nor part of the FSF, Apache, Linux foundation.

No point having paid millions to acquire the tailcat search engine, just to release it free of charge.