Will resetting Brave settings affect Brave Rewards?

I’m doing some trouble-shooting on my laptop (Vimeo videos won’t play), and I’m thinking about resetting Brave’s settings back to the original defaults to see whether that fixes the issue. If I do so, will it wipe out my accumulated Brave Rewards?

Do I understand correctly that I can’t transfer Brave Rewards from one profile to another ON THE SAME DEVICE? (Vimeo is working fine on the new profile I created for testing.)


Using the Reset settings options in Settings does not clear your Rewards data. I just tried it myself and my BAT, wallet and Rewards related data all seem to be intact.


Off the Topic!
What does this banner representing in Brave rewards section?

It means exactly what it looks like it means. That is the BAT you’ll receive for your next payout and when it should be arriving.


Is that from the nightly?

That feature is in Beta currently – should be moved into stable in the next browser update.


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