Will my rewards be deleted if I reset my phone?

If I reinstall the Brave browser after resetting my phone and make the uphold connection, will my rewards waiting to be transferred to my uphold wallet be deleted?

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Yes, you will lose the not transferred earnings.

I don’t know how to backup Rewards on mobile, but there must be a way.


Do not reinstall now.
Wait until your May earnings get transferred to Uphold in 3 days, then reinstall; You are going to lose earnings from 1 to 8 june but your balance with Uphold is safe.

My May rewards have arrived at 5.89 BAT. but now there are 1,350 BAT waiting to be transferred. If I reset the phone now will this 1.89 BAT be deleted?

Dont reset your phone until you transferred all the BAT its hard to backup Mobile Devices

Payments just started proccessing so I don’t think you already own these earnings…
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Keep checking your Uphold activity to make sure.

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