Will my pending rewards still get paid out if my machine gets nuked?

I have Brave installed on a work machine with pending rewards at just over 10 BAT.

I will be leaving the business in a few weeks time and was wondering if the pending BAT will still get paid out even if my browser get’s uninstalled & laptop reset to factory settings?

If so, is there any way I can transfer these funds over to my home computer?



yes. if your brave publisher account connected verified uphold account , you will get paid at 8th next month

@bacdat09 Publisher account? I just have a regular verified uphold account. Does it have to be a publisher account?

your BAT is ads reward ?

Yes. It’s BAT ad rewards.

if you verified uphold wallet and connected to brave wallet your BAT will send to your uphold wallet in 8th of April US time zone

Bu that’s the thing, will I get paid even if the machine & browser gets uninstalled? The local browser wallet will be gone

yes . if it passed 30 days use you will get paid . BAT token send yo your uphold account not your laptop wallet

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