Will my balance update?

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3

As you can see, my BAT balance reflects ~58$, while my real earnings are 80$ so far.

Last month happened the same thing, had like 25$ in BAT but my balance didn’t update, even the confirmed 30 days of use appeared in the stats. So, I got only 30 BAT.

Can you elaborate more about this? :point_up:

Thank you for your reply. If you sum up the earnings from the chart, it results 80$, while the balance is 438.22 BAT = ~56$.

Got it! First, you earned BAT not USD. The USD or BTC (or else) is an estimation – it’ll fluctuate following BAT price.

All confirmed referral is paid in BAT following the BAT price at the time it’s confirmed. So you can not calculate the total BAT that you currently have with the current price.

Hope that make it clear for you.


  • You only get paid for confirmed referral.
  • Also, you only get paid once for confirmed referral.

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