Will it be finally?

Will it be finally? Will they finally pay me? I trust you @Asad and for so many months I was waiting for the payment, I hope this time I get paid: D

Hi @MALG as long as you are verified with Uphold, are able to login, and have a pending balance you should get paid out fine this month. If there are any problems, please contact me directly and I can help you get paid.


Payout today

Why is the problem related to 2FA that @cory is not online to solve for everyone, sir

Hi @vietcool, please do not thread hijack. Send a PM my way and I can help you out.

@MALG did you get paid out?

As you can see, those bats that have suspended me have not paid me. They accepted them with the appeal and I’m still waiting for those bats for 3 months. and with this month I have been waiting for 4 months


You haven’t been paid bro yet. You’ve been there for 4 months. I thought everything was ready.

Hey @MALG that definitely should not be happening. Can you send me a PM with your Uphold address? I can get that BAT refunded to you ASAP.

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I have already sent you the personal message

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