Will I lose my BAT if I delete and reinstall?

Deleted browser files, now pages won’t load. Will I lose my BAT if I delete and reinstall? I can’t link to Uplink because I don’t have enough BAT yet. What can I do in this situation? Any help is appreciated.

If you delete and reinstall browser it will result in the BAT being lost. Any new download of brave, even if it is on the same device will count as a new brave browser.

Quite sad that I cannot link my 4.2 BAT into a wallet, since I have been gaining them over the course of a couple months. I guess this a lesson to never clear temporary files, I was just trying to release disk space.

It is truly sad. Unfortunately I have learned with brave it is not for the faint of heart. I am to scared to even tinker with any settings on it for the fear it will mess something up. So however I have it set up, I am never modifying its settings again. I do not run extensions etc.

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You can actually link your 4.2 BAT. First create account with Uphold and then link that uphold account with brave. you can actually link your own account even if you have 0 BAt.

A way to not lose them is to copy the content of your AppData/Local/BraveSoftware and paste it after re installation, but I don’t know if it’s “allowed”.

I have tried to link my account to Uphold more than a dozen times, it just says try later or asks for a minimum of 12 BAT. It makes no sense to me.

Do you have an Uphold account already created? If so, you will see an option to “Go to login” in the Rewards panel – this will allow you to login to your already created, verified Uphold account without the need to meet the minimum requirements.

Yes, I do have an Uphold account, I created it in Brave but could never link because I was met with the minimum requirements and it never prompted me to “verify” my account. I just tried login into Uphold via Chrome and it now allows me to verify it, but I can’t link it with Brave now because it won’t load any websites.

I’m not sure I understand – is the issue that you’re unable to link your wallet with Uphold via the Brave Rewards panel/page, or is the issue that no sites are loading in Brave?

I created this thread because no sites are loading in Brave, due to me deleting temporary files associated with Brave, trying to clear space in my NVMe (my mistake). My BAT is not on Uphold due to there being no prompt to verify my account and I thought I just had to earn 12 BAT to be able to link. Now, I can’t save my BAT because pages won’t load including Uphold, now that I know there is a verification process. I just want to save my BAT.

What files did you remove/delete? If you open a Private browsing window, do sites load there?

Well, it is working now. Thanks for the support.

Glad to hear it – if you encounter this issue or any others please don’t hesitate to reach out.