Will I get paid for mobile installs?

Hello, I have 2 questions:

  1. Do You guys count mobile installs/usage? I mean will I get paid for them? If yes,

  2. For mobile there is no such thing as installs, only downloads and confirmations, right? I promote on my Telegram group, so there was several downloads, but no installs. So since it’s basically a mobile app, installs were on mobile…

  1. Yes, mobile installs are counted. I know because majority of my referrals are from mobile.

  2. Why do you think there is no thing as installs? Download means total people who click download brave from brave’s site after they click on your referral link, Install means app is opened for the first time. You cannot share apk file directly.

Because I have introduced the browser to my followers by telling them it’s main benefits, like:

Fast, free, secure, 3-6 times faster than other competitors, blocks all ads including Youtube ads. You can also earn rewards in crypto.

So I got 5 downloads and 0 installs. That makes ZERO sense, since they decided to click the link and download the app only because they were interested in those benefits listed above. So 5 people just downloaded the app and never opened? That’s a nonsense. I mean who would do that? No one.

I didn’t offer any incentives. Just shared. And they were definitely interested, since most of my followers are gamers and they usually heavily use Youtube and are sick of ads like everyone.

I’m in affiliate marketing since 2007 and could reffer a ton of people but I see some weird/unnatural stats here.

First I thought installs are not shown when it’s mobile, but since you claim it should be shown once the app gets opened for the first time, then It’s definitely not real reporting I see on my dashboard.

I also refer Brave browser using same technique as yours and out of 10 downloads, I get 1 installs. Remember download means the person clicked on the link only, it doesn’t mean they have downloaded brave from Play store/App store.
After your follower click on download link, they will be redirected to Play store from where they have to install brave and open brave at least once. Its a long process. In 90% of cases, the maximum number of installs you will get is around 30% of total downloads. You may get as low as 5%.
5 downloads and 0 installs makes sense to me.

Sorry, but this still has ZERO sense to me. If they click download on the official page, they land in the play store and see same benefits listed, also 10M installs and 4.8 of 5 stars ratings from 245k people. Also a TON of positive 5 star reviews. All these are very uplifting and motivating indicators. Why on earth 9 of 10 people would leave the funnel in this step? It makes zero sense. Sorry. I will remove my links. It’s not worth my time and effort. Obviously some heavy shaving going on here.

That’s fine. If you have some other campaign that your traffic is suitable for and have better conversion rates, then you should stick to them. I can’t exactly say why 9 out of 10 people leave the funnel, but my guess is many people just click the link to see what you were talking about and since almost all people have Chrome preinstalled and many are okay with it, they may think they don’t need another browser just to occupy storage.

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