Will I get any reward?

As I am from India and brave Ads is not available here right now so can I get some reward in the next deposit i.e. on 8th June for using it.

And approximately when ads will be available for Indian users.(For Android device)

Hello @Jigen_contractor,

If you are not a Brave Publisher then I’m afraid you won’t get any payment on the next deposit but on a brighter note, Brave occasionally sends out free BAT to its users so when such occurs, you will receive a notification on your Browser.

As for the ads, not only is it not available in India but so many other countries as well because it is still in its Beta phase and would be rolled out officially soon.

But I have my YouTube channel added so can I get any reward for this or not?

Yes you will get if you get tipped by a lover of your content.

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