Will ethical ads that fund open source projects be supported with Brave?


Hi Brave team,

I’ve spoken with @sampson earlier last year a bit on this topic but I wanted to follow up on the community forum for async and collaboration.

CodeFund is an open source ad platform that funds open source projects using ethical ads (we are approved with acceptableads [dot] com).

  • We do not track visitors or place cookies
  • We do not allow 3rd party scripts (such as Google’s DoubleClick)
  • We only display relevant ads based on the context of the website, not the visitor.

For examples of these ads, see jsbin.com or bootstrapcdn.com.

The publishers we work with are mostly software developers or bloggers that provide value to the open source ecosystem. I know that Brave is quickly gaining adoption, especially with the developer and blockchain communities.

Are there ways that we can work together to allow (optionally) ads the help fund these projects?


Eric Berry


Thank you for bringing this up Eric. @sampson, I have been using Brave as my default browser user ever since @brian did The Changelog podcast #323. When I went to check my site (bootstrapcdn.com) today my Ethical Ad from CodeFund is missing.

FWIW that money goes to our open collective to help sustain the project that delivers 70+ Billion requests a month. Ethical Ads are the majority of our revenue, to help pay for services, make donations to other projects and a rainy day fund for the unexpected.

As an open source community member, this doesn’t motivate me to tell other members “try Brave!”. I know a majority of your users won’t care, and you will most likely take their side. But from one open source project to another, please consider the ramifications this has on projects with very little funding and rely on Ethical Ads for sustainability.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Brave supports ethical ads — we’re building out a privacy-preserving opt-in ad system. Part of our roadmap for ads will let people who run websites integrate with the browser to show ads (and get paid) when someone using Brave visits their site with ads turned on.

Even when Brave blocks ads, you can still get paid for the people visiting your site. Brave Rewards lets people contribute to the sites they visit over the course of a month based on the attention they paid to each site. Right now, Brave (Inc.) uses BAT grants to let people support sites without having to put up any of their own money. You can sign up as a publisher to get paid this way until we finish the website ad-slot integration.


Hi @toml,

Thanks for replying!

Just so I understand, is the only way ads will show up on Brave is if those ads are presented through Brave’s own ad delivery system? Or will you allow companies such as mine to become whitelisted with the browser, or perhaps be able to integrate with your ad system?




It’s exceedingly unlikely that we’ll ever whitelist a cross-site ads provider. We work to ensure that it’s genuinely impossible to track a particular person across the web using our ads system. I don’t think a web-based system can meet that standard. You may in practice not track people, but that’s implemented via policy, and not something we can trivially validate.

We don’t want to be in the business of auditing and evaluating every potential ethical-ads service. It would be a massive amount of work with really bad consequences if we mess up. And of course, we don’t want to charge for that audit process because that would be a serious conflict of interest.

Notably, we’re all about blocking things that can track a person, not ads per se. It’s the case in practice that most online ads are vectors for cross-site tracking. When ads are hosted and served from the site a person has decided to visit, we generally don’t have a problem with them.


That’s totally understandable. Even though our ad platform is 100% open source, you would still be depending on us to ensure that we are not tracking. The way I see Brave is as a solution to cut out all possibility of bad players, which unfortunately damage the good players.

This enforced policy does place you into a position of absolute monopoly in the ad space.

CodeFund gives 65% of all gross ad revenue back to its publishers. Last month we paid out over $6k. I hope that you can do the same and help websites such as BootstrapCDN generate passive, recurring, consistent revenue to help them sustain their projects.

If you can do this, I applaud you.


Our approach is that the ad slot owner should get 70% of the revenue. For ads on desktop, that’s the person using the browser. In an eventual model where sites can serve Brave ads, that’d be the site owner.

Trying to do the right thing in an industry filled with bad stuff is tough — it’s hard to pick the good actors out from the bad. We have the same problem: there are a lot of people who want nothing to do with Brave ads because they “know” that ads have to be all about data collection and they’re wondering what we have up our sleeves.