Will Brave V. 1.0 support a Java plugin?


I’m aware that Java is a HUUUGE security risk and tbh, I never needed it, but there may be sites that need it to do some job. At least that’s what I heard.
So how about it?
Restricted as much as possible, like e.g.: Off by default (of course), must get explicitly allowed for every single site and/or must ask for permission to run, can only run in a sandbox, … whatever restriction/security measure I forgot - but do the dev’s think about it?



I want to retract this question, meanwhile I discovered that Oracle does not support the Java plugin anymore, in favor of Java Web Start, which are applications that can go into the internet (and phone home and whatnot) by their own means, without a browser having an eye on them.
Sorry, I should have checked for that first.

@eljuno Could you delete this thread, or at least close it? It seems like I don’t have the permission to do that myself.

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