Will Brave support Web 3.0, Dapps, distributed apps?


SO, i dont know a lot about this other than the basic premise. It appears that there is a new “web 3.0” term being tossed around for new browsers being built that utilize the decentralization aspects of cryptocurrency and using that to host Dapps, decentralized apps.

Mist browser being one, also status.im http://www.status.im

My question is, since Brave is so intricately tied with cryptocurrency, wouldn’t this be an interesting aspect to look into?

Does Brave have any current plans to support such?


For some things, totally http://basicattentiontoken.com/ :slight_smile:


The best way to do this initially whilst the standards are still evolving is by supporting MetaMask extension as it provides the necessary capabilities to run DAPPs. Long term it would be great to have deeper integration with browsers but that brings lots of additional challenges.

There is an open extension request here MetaMask.io Extension Request


@bitmate @bobtheman you’re in luck - they’re practically in the process of pushing it, you’re likely to see it in the next couple of updates possibly 0.20.x



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