Will Brave keep Providing updates for Windows 8.1 after EOL?

Microsoft said that they’re going to stop providing support for Windows 8.1 while we reach January 10, 2023. it’s annoying such a giant with over 180k+ employees lacks the ability to keep adding support and dedicate/allot a small team to keep the Lightweight windows 8.1 OS alive for a long time.

Personally, i like windows 8.1 much more and still using it, It’s more beautiful, superfast (than latter ones), stable and does not have any kind of bloated apps (where in contrary, windows 11 and its predecessor windows 10 are bloated with 3rd party apps and games which you can’t remove/hide from the pc and start menu, i think the last two versions had took ads to an annoying level so im going to use windows 8.1 for as long as possible, most likely for the next 5 to 6 years until Microsoft releases a better OS version which will make me feel that it’s superior than windows 8.1 in terms of customization and user friendly OS experience(user preference 1st attitude over ad revenue (just as in the same way of how windows 8.1 is super flexible))

System Information


Installed Programs (click image to unblur)

My Primary main use of pc is to browse and video entertainment, and as you can see from the above image, I’ve very few safe and highly reputable programs where all of these programs are in a super perfect state, i really don’t care if any of these programs stopped providing support(delivering updates) for Windows 8.1 because all of them already have most of the essential features someone could possibly need.

I also don’t find that Microsoft stopping support(Delivering security updates) would affect me in any way because i don’t install much softwares often(until i really need something which is rare case scenarios) and brave browser is protecting me online from all kind of malware infections.

Currently, the one and only program i am looking for updates regularly is brave as i am always excited to see new features and growing together with brave journey and it would upset me to some extent(if brave stopped delivering support and updates)

can you please confirm that you can provide updates for the next 5 to 6 years regardless of the fact Microsoft dropping support?



Depends upon Google Chrome support - Chromium support.

Chrome/Chomium support for Windows 7, ends on Jan. 1, 2023.

Chrome/Chromium support for Mac OS earlier than 10.13.x, ends at the arrival of Chromium 104 - an event sometime this summer.

That will be 5 years after the release of Mac OS 10.13.x ‘High Sierra’.

So, you may have your 5 years at least, of using Windows 8.1.

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@289wk Hopefully I will get support for as long as possible.

I’ve used all of the OS Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10(on a relative’s PC)

Amongst all, Windows 8.1 is the best and Super fastest, it has got beautiful file explorer, gorgeous icons, heavily customizable too.

you can see the speed result here on this comparison (The Windows 8.1 OS which has zero bloatwares will perform even better on today’s higher end hardwares if Microsoft takes care(responsibility) and updates everything without purposefully adding bloatwares where the updates only include Latest net framework, Visual C++ redistributables, security updates …etc)

click image to unblur

Zoomed in Windows Processes details(only 23)

Windows 11 is king of bloatwares and increased forced consumerism of preinstalling unnecessary apps(+keeping most of them running in background and not allowing most of them to stop/uninstall)

Windows 8.1 on the other side, its also the super lightweight OS, maintaining support for it wouldn’t be hard for Microsoft, It’s just Microsoft wants to increase/exaggerate the user numbers of people running windows 11 and see money from 3rd party software developers and advertisers through app installs and % cuts(just ass in the the way of Google play store business model and phone manufactures as everyone want to be on the “latest”).
With all of these bigger companies like Microsoft and the number of employees which they have(220k+), it’s important to have a lot of variety in their products, however Microsoft wants to limit the operating system support as much as possible where they try to bring the supported windows versions number list to 1 or 2.

Every version of windows has it’s own uniqueness(UI, Layout design, functionality, style, snappiness… etc ) out of all which I’ve seen, windows 8.1 Stands tall in performance, snappiness and almost everything. It will perform great on today’s hardwares if Intel and Nvidia start adding support again. Shame on Microsoft for Making the decision to abandon and kill support(it’s because of Microsoft, Intel and Nvidia stopped their updates on newer hardwares)

There is no point in fully trusting Google https://killedbygoogle.com/

Hopefully brave will put effort to establish a new custom engine similar to chromium and their own extension store.

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