Will brave ads be visible on Youtube premium

Hello everyone, I had a question about Brave ads that is if the ads will be shown on the Youtube platform and adding to that since I have availed Youtube premium one of the features of YT premium is that there will be no ads shown and since i spend a lot of time browsing youtube will that affect how much i earn via viewing ads on the Brave browser or will the ads be visible even though I have the Youtube premium subscription or will not be available at all and only if i deactivated YT premium then the brave ads will be shown ??

Could you please clarify your question? Are you talking about the ads that are like notification pop ups? Or YouTube video ads?

YouTube ads and Brave Notification ads are two separate things.

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Oh. Maybe i didnt understand how brave ads work. So is it that brave ads only come as notifications and not in the way traditional ads appear on chrome or firefox where we get ads after i visit a certain website or in the case of youtube if i dont have premium in between videos there are ads appearing . Is it that in the Brave browser suppose i dont have youtube premium even then the ads only appear as notifications and not as ads in between videos. Because thing is i spend a lot of time in Youtube and if chances are due to me having a premium account if i dont get to view ads basically i will not be able to get Brave rewards that is my only concern actually. Hope that i have made myself clear!.

Brave ads come as notifications and have nothing to do with what site you are visiting. You will still get Brave Ads, and in turn, you will get Brave Rewards.

To some it up, you still still receive Brave Ads and Brave Rewards if you are using YouTube Premium.

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