Will be Evaluating Future Brave Use WITHOUT BAT since BAT implementation completely impractical

Throughout my time using Brave/BAT on both PC & Android, I have found Brave features quite good EXCEPT for the BAT implementation… where Brave made the decision to outsource the implementation to Uphold… Probably the worst decision Brave has made in their project here.

Feedback from the Brave community re BAT has been dire. Yet Brave seems locked into this arrangement, possibly bc they don’t have the dev team to handle the entire BAT implementation.

As my thread title says, I will make a decision re continuing with Brave by taking BAT out of the equation. It IS possible to use Brave WITHOUT BAT. That may be the best way forward.

Good luck guys.

HI @rhubear - thanks for taking the time to write in. I’m sorry that your rewards experience has been negative. If you’re interested in troubleshooting your specific issues, I’m here to help!

Its not troubleshooting specific issues.

The BAT system largely works as designed in partnership with Uphold.

From what I’ve read & experienced, Uphold’s criteria for BAT is the problem.
Does Brave have any decision making in how BAT is processed by Uphold?

The biggest problem by far is the 25BAT min limit for syncing to Uphold.
That didn’t used to be a problem when far more BAT was being earned by the users.
When the earnings plummeted to maybe 1.5 BAT/month, the Uphold min limits WERE NOT DECREASED.

The issue is that the entire BAT system is impractical, extremely inflexable.
My assertion is that, BAT is too impractical for the average Brave user to make use of.

The exception to the impractical nature of BAT is the feature for donating to websites.
But then most websites have not adopted BAT.

In the end, logically speaking, BAT is not usable as it is currently designed.

maybe the 25 bat limit will change when gemini becomes available to us soon, also if you read the brave 2.0 roadmap you know brave is building their own wallet, maybe with this we won’t need a middle man

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