Will be Brave more customizable?

Brave for Android is the only fast, solid and trustworthy browser for me. It does its job really well. But there’s a question that haunts me: will Brave for Android be more customizable? Dark theme was asked for a long time ago, speed dial too. I was one of those who asked for the latter. However, there are no changes. The favicons appear when they want and seem capricious, they can’t be really controlled. There are only two rows of them maximally, which limits the potential usefulness of the favicon list. As for me, speed dial and dark theme are the most important personalisation features. No doubt others could be welcome as well like, for example, custom colour theme.
Is Brave going to have any customization options implemented in any predictable future?
Devs, thanks for the browser. It’s the best!


Hi @Beef,

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure about more customize-able. But AFAIK some change’s planned. I’m also sure that @Serg said in the past that the team will working on it* later, after they finished other priority like mobile sync.

(*)new tab thumbnails

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: