Will any restrictions apply to my publisher account?

Before I ask the main question, I would like to thank all the forum staff who tirelessly helped and answered all my questions, and I also want to thank the developers who returned the statistics, although it is still not fully updated.
The background to how the question arose:
The other day I spoke with the head of my Institute where I work, I suggested to implement the brave browser on all computers of the Institute, since the brave browser has a huge advantage over other browsers, it was not difficult to prove the importance of switching the entire Institute to this software.
So, my question is: can I register all my Institute’s computers through my publisher account? After all, in my profile, I use YouTube as the main platform for attracting new users. Can there be any problems with my account if I bring new users without using YouTube? And what documents will you need to provide that I have actually implemented software on computers
I will be grateful for your response.

Sure, that’s fine :slight_smile: Just make sure you earn your referrals only with REAL human traffic and you should be okay.


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