Will any ad revenue really go to small content providers?

As I understand it, Brave will disperse coins (or BATs) after $100 worth of page “attention” from Brave browsers. I sincerely wish it reaches its full potential and changes the sleazy way on-line advertising works today. However; is it realistic to think small publishers and content providers will see any Brave payments within the next few years? (at least not unless and until Brave dominates the browser market).

If I build a site with hi-quality market specific content, and it generates hi-quality, but low-quantity traffic, wouldn’t I be better off with current browsers & ad-placement services that share revenue for targeted ads they place on my site? And if so, wouldn’t that mean the Brave business model actually undermines and discourages small content providers, in favor of Google, Faceplant, etc…?

It seems like the same pay-per click providers earning all the money from advertising now, will take the same or even greater share via Brave, even though they are not really providing any content (they just aggregate it).

Just to be clear, this is support community for Brave and we will not be talking about any speculation on BAT. If you want to know why, see : About the Payments category

However, for the sake of argument, let’s talk about what’s happening now with Bitcoin. Brave publishers are already being paid in BTC, so to answer your title question, yes.

The rest I think is otherwise covered in the FAQs. https://brave.com/FAQ.html

Ledger mechanics are unlikely to change as far as I know, so your speculative question on market-specific content would follow those mechanics. Users vote by a mix of time on domain and clicks so quality and quantity are taken into balance.

Just to reiterate, this forum is intended for support, not speculation. So ‘what if’s’ are neat, but please keep future posts related to requests for help and new features.