Wierd problem : cannot provide latest sync code to new Android install bc PC died in Fire

Following a house fire (I didn’t start the fire)… ALL my devices excl my Droid phone died. Even my phone seemed to have (separate) battery problems, so phone already replaced/updated.

I’m trying to install all on new phone. However since the updated Brave Sync code is only visible/avail on the desktop/PC version of Brave, I have no access to the latest sync code for syncing my new phone.

What I do have access to is my Password App which includes several previous iterations of the Sync Code. However apparently not the latest one.

(why on earth does the sync code have to change??)

Is there a way of accessing my Brave profile resources another way online?

What I have done thus far is export the Bookmarks fr my old phone & imported those. Even then, there was an import error which seemed to kill/crash the import, so not all bookmark entries are there.

If there is no online profile help, is there a way of troubleshooting the bookmark import error?

@rhubear click and thoroughly read Sync is not a backup as answer is there.

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Appreciate that reply. I figured there might be a set 25th word. Used that to add device/phone onto chain.

Also manually backed up PW & BMs (after sync)

This destruction of devices has been a hella learning experience. I’m over 50, never had this sort of experience prev!

I like ur suggestion of copying the entire Brave profile folder.

Well, keeping in mind that passwords wouldn’t be taken over with that. It’s encrypted based on OS profile. So if you just do the profile folder, it would just be encrypted and of no use if you’re doing it on a reformatted device, new device, etc.

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