Widget favorite feature on iPhone not working

Widget favorite feature on iPhone not working,

I don’t know if other people’s things are like this. I’m frustrated that it doesn’t work because I think widget favorite is very useful to me. But when it doesn’t work, I feel sad. It’s great if you fix it.

@kavin391 I just tested on my iPhone and it placed my Favorites there. Just want to ask, have you tried opening Brave like it says? I mean, I know I didn’t ever see what you’re showing but I know I had just been using Brave actively not long before creating the widget. So wondering if it just has to work with what information is shared and able to be displayed. Basically, wanting to confirm this isn’t part of what’s leading to it.

Beyond that, can you share which version of Brave you have on the device and which version of iOS you’re using?

I tested with Brave 1.50 and iOS 16.4.1(a), running on iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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