Widevine use and support on Amazon Prime


I understand the position of and warning etc of Brave vis-a-vis Widevine.
However I did enable it and …it should work but it does not.
It added a site to allow Widevinde - Netflix and I would have to go see if it works (I do not recall now.)
However it does not work with Amazon video (Prime or otherwise).
I have tried right click the web page to see if can add.
I have tried going to that section and trying to find a way to add the site - to no avail.
I have tried disabling and the re-enabling it.
Nothing. So there needs to be some compatibility testing with Amazon and there needs to be an easy way to add a site when needed.


Hi @nosavynada. There is an issue logged for Widevine support for Amazon Prime. You can track the issue here

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