Widevine not working

Description of the issue: attempting to go to Spotify/Netflix i’m prompted with the dreaded missing widevine screen, even though it was working fine before(max 1 week ago), nothing has changed since then aside from 1 possible brave update…

Brave Version: Version 0.70.121 Chromium: 78.0.3904.70 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information: windows 10 64bit home
chrome and edge work fine on the afflicted sites (reinstalling brave isn’t really an option…)

i tried clearing cache/history/cookies, clearing site data, running as admin, restarting client/computer multiple times, deleting the widevine folder to see if it’d prompt a fresh install… the puzzle icon doesn’t show, i attempted to try it on another profile and was prompted to install it, after allowing it, it disappeared then went back to the missing widevine screen… i had an issue a few weeks ago but it resumed after a day or so, where this has been down for a few days now…

widevine does not show up in chrome://components:

it is enabled in extensions:

If you toggle the Widevine option in your last image there Off/On (to be safe, you may want to toggle it Off, quit the browser, then relaunch and toggle On), can you see if you are prompted again to install/run Widevine and if allowing it sticks?

unfortunately this didn’t have any effect. :frowning:

Apologies for the late reply. I’ve reached out to some devs for further input on the issue. I appreciate your patience and will return as soon as I have more information.

I’m having the same problem. It’s not listed in plugins, and I’m not prompted to install it. Changing the toggle and restarting the browser has no effect.

Can you tell me what OS you’re using?

Windows 10 Pro.

I was able to fix it by uninstalling and removing (very unfortunately) my profile/history/password/etc data. Not to mention the character profile icons I’d grown to associate with my various profiles. Now I gotta retrain my muscle memory…

I’m guessing how old my base installation was (6 months or so?) plus running a bit set of windows updates not too long ago (that broke other programs) were factors.

As an aside: A feature to export saved passwords in addition to history would be nice. I assume my accumulated BAT wallets are toast too.

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