Widevine & Extension installation



First of all a big thanks and thumbs up for the great job you have done with this new browser.
It has been a life changer on my android device :slightly_smiling_face:

I have also installed it on my windows 10 laptop and it is now my default browser.

The question (or request if not available yet) I have is:
How can I install Widevine on the android version? I was able to do it with the pc version by going to http://primevideo.com/ . It’s important to install widevine for me as it allow me to watch protected content from sites I have membership.

Also as I am here I would like to know if there is any project (or workaround ) to install chrome extensions on the android version? Having extensions like LASTPASS or selection search would make the browsing even more pleasurable.


PS for info I am using Brave (latest for GooglePlay) On android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) with Android 5


Hi @rezpower,

  • You can enable Widevine via Settings > Site Settings > Media > Protected Content. IIRC, Brave should ask your permissions when site ask for playing protected content.

  • LastPass is supported on Brave for Android. On LastPass: Settings > App fill > Edit app fill settings.

  • What did you mean by selection search?



Thanks a lot for your reply eljuno :slight_smile:
For protected content play back the only option I have are allowed, ask and disable. Mine is set to allowed.
But when I try to watch content from Canal+ France I just get black screen and it will not work.
I had the same issue with BRAVE desktop (PC) version. But as I explained after going to http://primevideo.com/ I was able to install widevine by clicking on a the ! mark in the address bar and accepting the installation to be done. This option dose not show on Android version of Brave :frowning:

Concerning Lastpass: I just tried and realized that I can get it from google play and not from Chrome web store like the pc version of brave. What I was interested to find out is if its possible to install extensions from chrome web store on the brave android like on brave windows?

This is Selection search:

its an example of extensions I use and would love to have on the android version of brave.


Widevine install doesn’t work on Android. It’s only on desktop that you can install and run it.


Thanks for the clear answer. I hope the android browser will eventually give us possibility to add extensions.
It’s already a great browser (probably better then all the other available) but having extensions will make it a heaven sent browser :slight_smile:
Thanks again for the great job.