Why won't you help me?

My browser automatically updated and now it deleted my verification. I was already verified then my browser auto updated & it won’t allow me to verify. Why are things so complicated? Why can’t you provide a simple service? Why am I having so many issues? Before June 2021 I could withdraw to Uphold with no problem. Now for months all of these problems keep happening. Also before the auto update I had 48.060 BAT’s. Now it only say 46.5 BAT’s. These are legal issues. Why won’t you help me? It’s been months and at this point it seems like only a judge lawyer & a courtroom will help me.


If nobody helps me this week I will go to the next level and file something legally.


Threats will get you no where, that is for sure.


What country are you from? Uphold has withdrawn from some countries. You should check their list of countries. Probably you can’t verify your account because they are not active in your region anymore.


Not sure if missing $48 in bat is worth initiating “legal action”…


List of countries for Uphold to check if yours is or is not on the list.

@cryptonite123 Does Gemini also have a link ?


@Doskiie No idea. I am not using Gemini. Since many community members seem to have lost their BATs while trying to link their Browsers to the Wallet starting from June 2021, I am still surprised that many do!


@cryptonite123 Yea, I have been reading that as well, but I have reached my 4 instance limit. I did read where I could submit to unlink one of them, and one more is all I need. I am just hesitant to do atm :slight_smile:




Nice! :sunglasses:

Are you an admin or something like that? By far the most active member here haha


@cryptonite123 Nope. I just love BAT for actually being something that has utilization, adaptation and incentivization. Things that IMO are required for a successful Crypto

Most of the popular cryptos are just skepticism in their current state, and ones that are seeing progress are not exactly relevant to me. BAT on the other hand is relevant to many.
Everyone uses the internet, everyone hates ads and trackers, everyone loves free rewards !

Utilization, Adaptation & Incentivization

Here is a quick link and good read that gives some insight on it.

Keep in mind, this is my opinion.

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How did you accumulate 48 BAT? Did you buy some? 48 BAT, from my estimation, would take about four years to obtain from the browser, as it appears to pay a max of about 1 BAT per month. Why didn’t you move it to a wallet?

Mine is automatically put into a Gemini wallet each month.

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@TE5LA I actually accumulate around 2.5-4 BAT each month. Just throwing that out there XD

And yes, I have no life and spend too much time on the internet…

This also doesn’t include mobile, which I get the same if not less, obviously depending on how much I am on it, to total each month around 4-6 or so BAT

Yeah, that sounds like having it going 24/7 to me. I just began looking into it and think I’m on track for around 3 per month. Not getting rich, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

If anyone knows anything about Brave Rewards on a Chromebook, I have a question: On my PC, I have my rewards linked to my Gemini wallet, but there is no such option on Chromebook. Why is this? And how am I to withdraw these from my Chromebook?

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I’m not sure you’d have much of a case since you did not enter into a contract nor pay out any money.

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